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Singe Page Solution / Hospital at Mobile / Report Wizard / Graph Galaxy


    • Doctors’ Fee / Schedule Maintenance
    • Patient Registration
    • Direct Visits
    • Booking Appointments
    • Waiting / Appointments / Review
    • Allocation of more Doctors
    • OP Billing
  • Patient Stage Tracking

    • Define Stages with Time per stage
    • Assigning stages to Staff
    • Recording Patient’s Movement
    • Mandatory remark if overstayed
    • Current Status Analysis
    • Postdate Analysis
    • General/Stage wise/Dr wise Views

    • Diagnoses (ICD-10)
    • Symptom / Allergy / Vital Signs
    • Prescription + Template
    • Dr can change fees @ Prescription
    • Prescription listed @ Pharmacy, Lab
    • Doctor fees integrated to Final Billing
    • Integrated ‘Payment to Doctor’
  • Eye Prescription

    • Record values of Right & Left Eye
    • Print Eye Prescription

    • Service Category / Services
    • Gender/Age specific Ref. Range
    • Packages with services
    • Billing for Services / cancellation
    • Sample Acceptance
    • Result Recording / Test Report
  • Lab Consumption

    • Maintain UoM Conversion Factors
    • Define Bill of Material per Test
    • Consumption at Result Recording
    • Reports on Lab consumption

    • Record / Print e-Case sheet
    • Case sheet Templates
    • MS Word Rich text facility
    • See Medical history while entry
    • Anatomical Images / Gallery
    • Predefined Templates
    • Integrated to Discharge summary

    • Medicine Category / Medicine
    • Manufacturers / Vendors
    • Opening Stock upload / entry
    • Purchase / Purchase Returns
    • Purchase Return Adjustment
    • Shifting between locations
    • Billing to Patient & Public
    • Sales Returns
  • WARD

    • Ward Types
    • Buildings / Floors
    • Room facilities with charges/day
    • Ward Master Building / Rooms
    • IP Room Allocation / Shifting
    • Room Vacating
    • Auto computation of Ward charges

    • Advance
    • Recording Doctor with Admin Charges
    • Integrated Patient Billing
    • Settlement / Installment
    • Payments to Vendors / Doctors
    • Refund
  • Insurance / TPA

    • Insurance companies / TPA
    • Maintaining Tariff
    • Allocating Insurance & TPA(s) to IP
    • Covering Letter / TPA Approval
    • TPA Billing
    • Settlement by Insurance company

    • System + User defined Headings
    • Discharge summary template
    • Auto Discharge Summary
    • Edition of Discharge summary
    • Freezing
  • Inbuilt Accounts

    • Accounts Flow Diagram
    • JE Types
    • Configure JE Types
    • Chart of accounts
    • Manual JE
    • Trial Balance
  • Hospital own Forms

    • Maintain Heading and Questions
    • Maintain own Forms with headings
    • Filling up Form for a patient
    • MIS on Questionnaire
  • NABH Forms

    • NABH forms
    • Recording of predefined NABH form
    • NABH Print Preview
  • Admin / User / SMS

    • Define Doctor
    • Dr fees plus Hospital chg and availability
    • Department Role
    • User
    • User role
    • SMS
About Us

Vignana solution is incorporated during July 2011 by a team of techno functional experts having decades of proven experience both in manufacturing ERP and IT sectors. The design team consists of mathematicians with very strong IT skills thriving to standardize the user requirements for a common purpose. We avoid marketing jargon, irking animated images in our applications which will be will be management and user friendly also very effective to bring discipline in office environment.

Vignana Solutions
“Quality Policy”

In Vignana we strongly believe in the fact that improvement is ever possible, visualize the requirements from end user, management and general market perspective; brainstorm, document before action, verify inputs and outputs at every level to ensure good product is delivered to clients.


Doctor Schedule with Fees

  • Maintain doctor fees plus Hospital charges either absolute amount or % on Doctor Fees
  • Maintain relevant Timeslots
  • Maintain availability of doctors , branch wise, week day and time slot wise
  • Define maximum no. of appointments
  • Define the normal time doctor takes per patient

One Time Patient Registration

  • Swift Patient Registration with minimum details Mobile no, Name, Gender & Age
  • One mobile number per family / Two mobile number per Patient
  • Provision to use already maintained Patient reference No.
  • Registering new patient for direct consultation
  • Patient Referral system to have analysis on
  • Attaching Patient Photo / Printing ID cards / Auto Barcoding of UHID
  • Provision to maintain many residence/emergency/office addresses per patient.

Visit / Booking Appointment

  • Create OP or IP visit with available consulting doctor
  • Book appointment with date, consulting doctor, patient preferred time and Type.
  • Display of doctor fees + Hospital fees , Registration fees
  • Printing of OP consultation form
  • Printing of IP Admit card

Patient Stage Movement Tracking

To monitor movements of Patients within hospital and to analyze the time spent by patients Give best possible satisfaction to patients

  • Define your Hospital stages with min. and max. time
  • Restrict stages to users
  • Move patient from one stage to another
  • Concurrent Stage analysis
  • Later Stage analysis
  • Multiple views on Stage tracking.

General View

Stage wise View

Doctor wise View



Prescription Integration Diagram

  • Integrated to and fro Pharmacy, Lab, Billing, Doctor Payment, Discharge summary & Medical History

Prescription recording

  • Patients list restricted to logged in Doctor
  • ICD 10 standard diagnoses + User defined diagnoses
  • Read Symptoms, Vitals, Allergic details recorded OR Record yourself
  • Prompting Family Medical History
  • Read Medical History at consultation
  • Neatly Printed Prescription
  • Patient need not bring Prescription next time rather you can give

Prescription Template

  • Create as many Prescription Templates to avoid data entry time
  • Make use of templates at Prescription and edit further

Eye Prescription

Record values of Right & Left Eye

  • Record Right Eye and Left Eye readin
  • Take printout of the Eye Prescriptin

Print Eye Prescription



Lab Module Flow

  • Patient can get Lab services after consulting Doctor Or
  • Directly get Lab services without consulting Doctor
  • Lab billing at Reception or Billing or at Lab as per policy

Lab / Service billing

  • Direct Lab service billing
  • Lab billing with reference to Prescritpin
  • Integrated to Final Billing , service category wise
  • Sample taking restricted to billing services

Result Recording

  • Prompting of standard range of values
  • Display of red color if not within the range
  • Provision to Edit / Freeze
  • Test report for single Service or for the visit
  • Report values are integrated to Medical History

Lab Consumption

Maintain UoM Conversion Factors

  • Maintain list of Unit of Measurements UoM
  • Maintain the conversion factors between one UoM to another

Define Bill of Material per Test

  • Define the lab chemicals used for test
  • Define the steps needed to do the lab test

Consumption at Result Recording

  • Lab chemicals are prompted as per defined BoM after result recording
  • Change the usage quantities if needed
  • Stock is reduced so that Milligram level stock can be maintained

Reports on Lab consumption

  • Know how much lab chemicals consumed overall or for a test/li>

Case Sheet

Case sheet recording

  • Record the instruction to be carried out on the patient
  • Make use of template to avoid repeated data entry time
  • Read the given instruction at left side while recording
  • Make Bold, color like MS Word to attract the readers’ eyes
  • Print case sheet

Attach Anatomical image / Doc / Videos

  • Attach the images / videos with Title, s.no in register and relevant remarks
  • Attach medical history given by other doctors by taking snaps
  • Attached images are shown in the Medical History

Case Sheet Template

  • Maintain case sheet templates
  • Read what is recorded so far while entering new remarks
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, color few words to catch the attention of readers
  • Use ‘Case sheet template’ to have automatic paragraphs & save data entry time
  • Search within case sheet entries!
  • No need to wait / search for case sheet!


Pharmacy flow diagram

Opening Stock

  • Import Opening stock through excel format
  • Provision to record Opening stock for missed out materials


  • Enter Vendor DC total to tally with system computed values
  • Set the likely payment date
  • Take Print out of Purchase to attach with Vendor DC/Bill for further payment

Pharmacy Billing

Public Medicine Billing

Purchase Return

Sales Return

Shifting materials from one location to another



Ward Module Structure Diagram

IP Flow Diagram

Create Room with facility wise charges

Allocate / Shift room

Room Vacate



Instant finance Dashboard

Advance from Patient

Allocate Doctors and manage their fees

Final Billing on OP/IP

Later settlement of dues

Payment to Doctors

Payment to Vendor

MIS Finance Inflow / Outflow Analysis


Insurance / TPA

Insurance/ TPA / Patient / Hospital Link Diagram

  • Maintain Insurance Companies and TPAs
  • Maintain Tariff of Insurance companies
  • Allocate Insurance and TPA to a patient
  • Bill Insurance company on a/c of Patient
  • Get settlement from Insurance company at a later date.
  • Have reports on Insurance, TPA billing, outstanding and settlements

Insurance Patient flow diagram

Maintain Insurance companies

Maintain TPA

Insurance Tariff – Lab Services

Insurance Tariff: Specialty wise

Insurance Tariff: Medicine wise

Insurance Tariff : Ward type wise

Insurance Bill

Settlement by Insurance company


Discharge summary

Integrated Discharge summary Diagram

Discharge summary Headings

Discharge summary Template

  • Create your own discharge summary headings!
  • Design discharge summary templates with system + hospital defined headings
  • Define sub paragraphs under each heading,
  • Set order of printing for each heading
  • Auto generation of integrated discharge summary as per chosen template
  • Edit and finally freeze Discharge summary
  • SMS To patient to collect Discharge summary upon Freezing
  • No need of maintaining discharge summary in local folders!
  • Easy retrieval of discharge summaries over a period of time!

Auto Discharge Summary


Inbuilt Accounts

Accounts Flow Diagram

  • Maintain your Chart of accounts
  • Configure the Mapping to get instant dynamic JEs
  • Post Manual JEs

JE Types

  • Maintain own JE types apart from system defined JEs

Configure JE Types

  • Configure A/c Groups applicable for Debit or Credit for every JE type and Payment modes

Chart of accounts

  • Maintain list of accounting groups and ledger using professional Tree View structure

Manual JE

  • Post manual JEs as usual

Trial Balance


Hospital own Forms

Maintain Heading and Questions

Create your headings and questions with Answer types Set whether answer to be text, number, range of values, List of values, single selection or Multi selection with color codification

Maintain own Forms with headings

Create your own form or template with headings

Filling up Form for a patient

Select a Patient, select the form you want and just fill the answer as you like Take a print out.

MIS on Questionnaire

Choose the form you want, choose the question you want, enter the answer you want or combination of these to get your desired result..


NABH Forms

NABH forms

  • Predefined sets of NABH Forms
  • Modify the form when NABH does so.
  • Avoid printing cost of NABH forms
  • Save storing space of preprinted volume of forms
  • Easy retrieval of filled up form

Recording of predefined NABH form

  • Just select a NABH form & record the values for a Patient
  • Take a print as per NABH format

NABH Print Preview


Admin/User / SMS

Define Doctor

Define doctor with Govt Regn No, Qualification and speciality

Dr fees plus Hospital chg and availability

Department Role


User role